At what age can I rent one of your vehicles?

As soon as you are 20 years old and hold a driver’s license we can offer you a rental car.

May several persons drive the rental car?

Yes. All drivers are named in the rental contract. At pick-up time all driver’s licenses need to be presented and checked.

Do I need a credit card to get a rental car?

No. You don’t need a credit card.

Can I pay the rental car monthly?

Yes, the rental car can be paid monthly subject to credit rating clearance (a debt-free report without any Certificate/s of Loss). If the credit rating does not suffice, the rental car must be paid upfront in full.

How much is the security deposit and when is it due to be paid?

The deposit is CHF 750.-, payable by debit (EC)/postcard or in advance by bank transfer. When the rental car is returned without damage, it will be repaid to you promptly either by bank transfer.

Will there be additional costs?

No. The listed price on the website is the final price including insurance, road assistance , VAT and unlimited kilometers.

What is my insurance cover?

Under the comprehensive collision insurance you are liable for up to CHF 1000.- per claim.

Does the insurance cover glass breakage?

Yes, but you are liable for costs up to CHF 600.-.

Are our luggage and personal effects covered in case of a break-in/burglary?

No. Please do not leave valuables in the rental car.

What happens when the rental car gets stolen?

You first inform the police and then call us at +41(0)79 622 08 36.

May I drive the rental car abroad?

Yes, you may, but only to countries of the European Union, Albania, Andorra, Bosnia & Herzegovina, England, Macedonia, Montenegro, Norway, Irleland, Scotland, Serbia, Kosovo and Turkey.

What needs to be done when I am involved in an accident?

You contact the police and complete the blue incident report (in the glove compartment). If the car is immobile or no longer conforms to road traffic requirements, please contact us at +41(0)79 622 08 36.

What happens when the rental car shows a technical defect?

When you experience a breakdown, help is available 24 hours per day. In Switzerland please call 0800 827 272 and in Europe +41 800 827 272. If the repairs take longer, please contact us at +41(0)79 622 08 36 to provide you with a replacement vehicle.

Can you deliver the rental car to me?

Yes, with extra charge. Ask for an offer.

Can I cancel my rental car reservation?

Up to 21 days before the agreed pick-up you may withdraw in writing from the rental agreement at a charge of CHF 80.-.

Do I receive instructions on the use of the rental car at the time of pick-up?

Yes, certainly, our qualified specialists will explain what you need to know. If necessary, you will be accompanied to a short test drive.